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We are passionate about helping dogs and people and believe sharing your life with your dog should be a joy for both of you. This series of online resources will help you develop the skills you and your dog need to achieve your goals and makes learning together a fun and rewarding part of that journey. 

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Separation Success Level 1 - A Free Mini-Guide

Learn about the common causes of separation problems and three simple strategies EVERYONE can do to help prevent or address them.

Separation Success Level 2 - Prevent and Improve

Prevent separation problems with a new puppy, rescue or when changing your routine and overcome existing mild to moderate problems.

Introduction to TTouch Body Work - A Mini-Course

Includes practical examples, video demonstrations and a 21 page full colour guide from the UK's leading TTouch Practitioner, Sarah Fisher.

Free Work Level 1 - An Introduction

Reducing body tension helps dogs be calm, engage with you and relax. Includes a 1.5 hour webinar by the ACE Sarah Fisher!

Free Work Level 2 - Developing Your Skills

Following on from 'Introducing Free Work', we guide you through the advanced skills we integrate into our behaviour and training programmes.
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Separation Success Level 3 - Help! My dog finds it really hard to be left alone

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Muzzles are fun!

Muzzles are often much maligned, but introduced properly, they are super useful and can become something your dog LOOKS FORWARD TO wearing!
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Canine Thinking is owned and run by Certified Companion Animal Behaviourist Lisa Webb, so you can be confident your Canine Thinking Online experience will be underpinned by excellent practical skills, rigorous, OFQUAL-regulated academic qualifications with COAPE and extensive knowledge of delivering training and behaviour material on line to clients through her support to rescues worldwide. 

Lisa is a full member of the CAPBT and a Certified Behaviourist through ICAN.