Free Work Level 1 - An Introduction by Canine Thinking Dog Behaviour & Training

Free Work Level 1 - An Introduction

An essential tool for all canine guardians, whether you just want to help your dog be more relaxed, you are settling in a new puppy or rescue dog or you  are working on specific behaviour goals like being comfortable with handling and grooming, separation, reactivity to dogs or even as part of physical conditioning and rehabilitation. The applications are endless - and most importantly, it can form part of your dog's daily enrichment activities and will help take your relationship to a whole new level of understanding.

We take a look at what freework is, why it works and guide you through how to get started with your own dog. It includes downloadable handouts on the practical elements so you can have them available when you're offline and working with your dog. 

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*Also includes a 90 minute webinar from the fantastic Sarah Fisher at Animal Centred Education, the home of freework!* 
Sarah takes us through the development of freework and gives loads of brilliant examples of observations, ways to facilitate behaviour changes as well as guidance on setting up your first freework activity 


Welcome - please read this section carefully
Introduction and a guide to what's coming up
Reminder about Terms and Conditions
Unit 1 - What is ACE Free Work and which dogs can it help?
1.1 Handout to go with presentation
1.2 Unit 1 Presentation
14 mins
1.3 Exercise - starting to prepare for a ACE Free Work set up for your own dog
Unit 2 - So, how can tiny adjustments to posture and movement through ACE Freework possibly change behaviour?
2.1 The inherent link between emotions, mood and how we feel in our bodies
2.2 The body's balance system and a look at the influence of pain on behaviour
2.3 A peek at the science!
2.4 References and further reading
Unit 3 - Reset Rebalance Release - a 90 minute webinar by Sarah Fisher from Animal Centred Education on the development and application of Free Work
3.1 The 3 Rs: Reset Rebalance Release. Webinar with Sarah Fisher
3.2 Credits
Unit 4 - Starting ACE Free Work at home
4.1 Preparing your first Free Work session!
4.2 Handy guide - summary of the ACE Free Work set-up instructions
4.3 ACE Free Work observations capture sheet
What to do next!
Your ACE Free Work journey has just begun!