Introduction to TTouch Body Work - A Mini-Course by Canine Thinking Dog Behaviour & Training

Introduction to TTouch Body Work - A Mini-Course

TTouch is a wonderful system of non-invasive body contact and non-habitual movements which activates the nervous system to help reduce stress, release tension, improve balance and movement, increase relaxation, build positive associations with physical contact and enhance communication. 

Deepen your connection with your dog as we guide you through the  core body work ‘TTouches’ and some of their many applications for wellbeing and behaviour – it’s a perfect complement to ACE Freework and something we use in some form with almost all the cases we work with!

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*Includes a 21 page full colour handout from Sarah Fisher, the UK's leading TTouch Practitioner and 9 demonstration videos of the key TTouches* 

What's included?

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Welcome and introduction!
Reminder about Terms and Conditions
What is TTouch?
How does TTouch work?
What can we use TTouch for?
Introducing the TTouches
Comprehensive TTouch Body Work Guide from Animal Centred Education
Key points to remember!
The Circular Touches
Overview Guide
Clouded Leopard
Lying Leopard
Overview Guide
Zebra (also called Zig Zag)
Ear slides and ear work
Starting TTouch with your own dog
Top tips for putting into practice what you've just learned